September 22, 2010

And now it begins...

Many of you are already avid followers of Charlie's journey and share your support and love for the Greenman Family. As a friend, neighbor, and the lucky mother of a little girl (Mackey) who got to go to "play-care" with Walker and Sarah, I am so fortunate to bear witness to the love, courage, and strength of Charlie's parents and one-of-a-kind big brother. Like many of you, a question that often crosses my mind is "what can I do to help?"

Charlie is surrounded by family and medical professionals who have one goal--to help him heal. He is the only boy I know with an entourage extensive enough to make famous types jealous. And it probably goes without saying that even with a good insurance plan, this kind of specialized care is expensive. Ah, here is a way to help. What better way to demonstrate that "It takes a village," and the village that exists across the country in support of Charlie is a powerful one. I invite you to make a donation to Help Charlie Heal. All donations (be they $10, 20, $50, or more) go into a savings fund designated for health care costs (deductibles, co-pays, out-of-network specialists, etc.) now, and in the future. I've listened to enough public radio pledge drives to believe that every bit counts and will go a long way. And the best part…we, our village, will reap the benefit of witnessing little Charlie continue to thrive!

Anne Engelking Smith (anklemama)

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