November 16, 2013

Routine EEG

Charlie had a routine EEG on Wednesday this week. It was a big day in the hospital, but our Charlie Fighting Bear took it in stride as he does most things. We'll have some results next week sometime, but until then, here's our little guy in action.

Some pre-EEG snuggling with Dad in the waiting room.

Getting all hooked up and looking concerned.

Finished and feeling triumphant.

A tired Charlie enjoys post-bath snuggles with Mom.

Happy boy.

November 3, 2013

The Neuroplasticity Series

Last night brought the opening of the Neuroplasticity Art Exhibit at Snider Plaza in Dallas, TX.  It's been a joyful process to create these pieces, all of which were inspired by Charlie. My husband and I are so grateful to all those who came out for the event. The pieces will be on view in Snider Plaza through the 26th of November, so if you're in the Dallas area, please stop by! All proceeds from the art sales go towards Charlie's Medical Fund. Click HERE to view location details. Thank you again to all who come out to support our family. It was an amazing evening.

Sarah Greenman

Here's a note about the collection as a whole:

The first image of my son I ever saw was an MRI. My husband and I peered into the terrifying scan and saw a black sea of brain damage. This was our baby boy and he had suffered a stroke.

Those first pictures of Charlie’s tiny beautiful brain were copied and reproduced and sent ahead to all of his specialists. Like an actor’s headshot in a program of a play we had yet to see, these images preceded him and shaped all of his first interactions with the world.

 Creating a thematic body of artwork inspired by Charlie’s struggle and triumph in the wake of his brain hemorrhage, Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy has been a tangible way for me to take back those first images and process them in a dark room of joy rather than one of fear.

According to the MRI  -  11 x 14

While You Were Sleeping  -  36 x 36

Eden  -  20 x 48 (pair)

Bloodwork  -  36 x 36

Mother  -  48 x 60

Place Your Bets  -  24 x 24 (pair)

Neuroplasticity  -  12 x 12

Subclinical  -  24 x 36

Small Great Wall  -  16 x 16

In His Right Mind  -  24 x 24

Synaptic Pruning  -  48 x 36

Neurogenesis  -  24 x 24

THe Healing Fields  -  36 x 48

A special thank you to:
Denisa Weber and Erica Sosa of Serving Life Chiropractic
Cheryl Johnson of OmBalance Yoga