March 1, 2013

Charlie's New Chair

Charlie has had a great month!  His long awaited wheelchair arrived and since then, Charlie has been using it everywhere he goes.  He traveled to North Carolina for a family visit and used the chair while speeding through airports and sitting in church services.  He's using his chair to navigate his way through museums and restaurants and parks and playdates.  He hasn't quite figured out how to push it himself, but he's well on his way.  Until then, he has lots of volunteers - friends and family - willing to lend a hand. 

Charlie has also been doing some constriction therapy as a way to access his weak limbs and fingers.  You can see below that his therapist has bound his over-toned fingers and left his weaker pointer and thumb free for that all-important pincer grasp.  We'll continue this kind of therapy through the spring.

Meanwhile, Charlie has been enjoying time with his brother Walker. He plays and scoots and spins and is interested in everyone around him.  He's also been doing a lot more "talking" lately, throwing in fully formed words here and there.  His latest triumph?  Asking for "oh - meal" - a favorite and frequent menu item.  Go Charlie!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Charlie's wheel chair happen.  
We are so grateful to you.  Your support is awe-inspiring!  

All our love,
The Greenman Family