March 24, 2011

Charlie's Blessing in Cayucos, CA

Thank you to everyone who came to Charlie's blessing.  Your support and love means the world to us.  Charlie's blessing was beautiful.  Cayucos was pounded by storms, high winds and hail the day before his blessing and we were all sure that we would have poor weather for his big day.  But the morning of the blessing the skies cleared and the sun shone bright!

Charlie was perky and ready to meet his village!

Here is the "Heal Charlie Bear" that Charlie's Grandma Happy made.

Sarah's mom wore a Native American bear fetish - Charlie's power animal.

The beautiful Vena Norton and her equally beautiful husband, Bob performed the blessing ceremony.  They also officiated Charlie's older brother's blessing in December of 2007 in Cayucos.  Dear dear people!

Just as we circled up for the blessing, the sunny sky began snowing.  It was the most bizarre and magical thing to see snow and slush falling in the midst of so much sun.  Vena held Charlie while Bob spoke the blessing.  Charlie had been a little fussy, but once Bob began speaking, he became very still and watched Bob through the whole thing.  It was awesome.

Friends and family had an opportunity to meet Charlie Baird for the first time.

Suzanne performs Reiki on Charlie.

Aunt Amanda and Grandma Happy are all smiles. Amanda 
hosted Charlie's blessing at her home in Cayucos.  Thank you Aunt Amanda!

Bizarre weather in Cayucos.  Snow on the coastal mountains!

...a rainbow!

...and a dreamy sunset.

For those of you who were not able to make Charlie's blessing in Cayucos, here is the beautiful invocation and blessing as performed by Robert and Vena Norton:

The Great Book informs us that " A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM "    
and a little child has done exactly that.

We have been lead here to THIS place------to proclaim the Spiritual Perfection and Earthly Manifestation of Charlie Greenman.
We are here to witness the miracle of little Charlie and his impact on our world.
We are here to witness his courage and his ability to draw upon and utilize the Love that comes TO him, and his ability to radiate it back TENFOLD...

...and to show the healing possibility of Love in Action.
YES !!!!!!!
A little child SHALL lead them -- lead them into the realm of compassion, of Unity, of Strength, and of Courage.  

We are here to witness higher consciousness from a Little Child. 

To witness the path that Life is showing HIM...and showing US --- that ANYTHING is possible, if we open ourselves to it, and believe in it.

We are led here today to proclaim to Charlie that we LOVE him--- that we SUPPORT him... and to thank him for joining us in the human family... for he is a Valuable addition to that family.
We are here to bless his parents, his family , his caretakers.
We are here to  bless YOU Little Charlie... the name of all that is Good, all that is Pure, all that is Lovely.
We thank you Charlie for leading us here today -- to share our Healing Love with you-- and with one another --- so that we may live OUR lives in a way that allows us to be a Beneficial Presence to ourselves and to our fellow man.
We acknowledge your power and ability to lead us to THIS PLACE TODAY...

and we feel blessed by your presence.....
SO, Lead ON Little Charlie --- for we who Love you---- are WITH you --- EVERY step of the way.

And so it is.
Thank you all,
The Greenman Family

March 2, 2011

Happy to be Drug Free

Today is a landmark day for Charlie Greenman.  He has spent the past seven months on a daily dose of Phenobarbital to quell seizure activity caused by his stroke.  And today, Charlie is drug free for the first time in his life.  No barbiturates, no antibiotics, nothing, nada, zilch.  Ladies and gentleman - meet the real Charlie Greenman!