July 29, 2011

Pre-Op Appointments

Over the past two days, Charlie met with his team of doctors and therapists for a series of pre-op appointments.  Everyone wants a good look at Charlie before he undergoes craniofacial surgery on Monday.  Charlie met with hematologists on Thursday to draw yet another round of blood labs, followed by a pre-op physical with his pediatrician, Dr. Hamner.  That evening, his physical therapist met him at his home for a one hour session and a one year assessment.  Everyone is thrilled with his physical development and progress over the summer!

This morning, Charlie and his parents were up early for their first and only meeting with neurosurgeon, Dr. Sacco.  This was followed by an appointment with staff anthropologists who took a series of photos of Charlie's head for the surgeon's use and those all important "before and after" comparisons.  Their final appointment was registration and pre-op with Dr. Fearon's team of nurses, which included another blood draw.  Finally, Jack and Sarah had a conversation with Dr. Fearon about what to expect on surgery day.  While Charlie's days were full and at times stressful, his appointments were fast and efficient and instilled Jack and Sarah with even more confidence in Charlie's medical team.  Charlie has the weekend off to rest before reporting to Medical City on Monday morning.  Stay tuned here for updates, as Sarah will be sending photos and information about Charlie's operation and recovery.

Charlie with Sarah today at the end of their pre-op appointments. 

July 23, 2011

Last of the Procrit

Charlie had his last Procrit shot today!  Charlie has nine more days until his craniofacial surgery.  He is currently traveling by car with his parents from Oregon (where the Greenman's have been vacationing with family) to Texas.  Charlie will return home on July 27th in time for all his pre-op appointments.  We will be keeping you all updated as Charlie navigates the surgery process.  Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for the Greenman family at this time.

July 6, 2011

KOKOON partners with Help Charlie Heal

Laine Sou Weinberg, the creator and designer of KOKOON, the private boutique clothing line, is very interested in helping to heal Charlie Greenman.  Laine Sou is hosting her first ever online sale in the form of a pop-up SHOP from July 6th - July 31st, where you can find an enormous collection of women's styles for amazingly low prices.  Here is the best part... Laine is going to donate 20% of the sales from your purchases to Help Charlie Heal. We are so thrilled that KOKOON proposed this partnership.  Thank you Laine Sou, we so appreciate your support! 

To ensure that Help Charlie Heal receives 20% of the purchase price, please use the links provided in this post.  Thank you so much for shopping at KOKOON and donating to Help Charlie Heal.  Happy shopping!

July 4, 2011

11 Month Check In

Happy fourth everyone.  Today Charlie Greenman is 11 months old.  Milestones this month include his first tooth, improved physical core strength, better coordination in his arms and hands, and more frequent and particular use of consonant sounds.  He is sitting up for longer stretches (30-40 seconds) and demonstrating better balance while seated.  Great job Charlie!

Thank you to everyone who has made appointments to donate blood to Charlie for use during his upcoming surgery.  There has been an enormous response and Charlie is now all set for surgery.

Also, yesterday marked the conclusion of the Help Charlie Heal auction.  Thank you to the auction organizers, Chrystyna Johnson and Wendy Russell for hosting the event, coordinating the donations and raising over 4,000 dollars for Help Charlie Heal.  Thank you to everyone who donated their talents, skills and hand made goods as well as the many many people who placed bids.  It is thrilling to see our community rally around sweet Charlie Greenman!  Thank you all!