November 13, 2012

Roll, Charlie, Roll

Hello Charlie Fans,

Charlie is having a big moment of transition this month. His growth has been off the charts, which is wonderful for his overall health, but means he can no longer use a baby stroller to get around. Our team of therapists have therefore decided to order a wheelchair for Charlie.  In the meantime, we're borrowing one from Our Children's House at Baylor to give it a whirl before making final decisions about style and brand. We picked up the chair today and right off the bat, Charlie reached out and tried to push the wheel.  It was as if he knew exactly what to do. This obviously bodes well for his mobility and future success with the chair.

In other news, Charlie's lingual frenectomy (surgery last month) is healing beautifully and we're already seeing improvement with his speech actions and lateral tongue movement. And this Friday marks our last week in the STEPS feeding therapy program at the Callier Center. We have been very happy with his progress during the course of this program.

And finally, Charlie met last week with his Neurologist who increased the dosage of Trileptal (anti-seizure medication) to accommodate Charlie's rapid weight gain. Our doctor was very pleased with Charlie's progress, especially his advances with sign language, vocal mimicry and level of social engagement. Generally, Charlie is doing very well right now. Thank you so much for all of your well wishing - we so appreciate it.

All my love,

Charlie tries his chair for the first time and reaches out to push the wheel.

Charlie reaching with his left (affected side) to touch the wheel!

Brother Walker gives Charlie a spin around the therapy center.

Walker decides to push Charlie out of the room...

...and down the hall...

...and out to the car.

Once home, Walker wheeled Charlie into the back room and read him a story.