March 9, 2019


It's been a million years since I shared anything on this blog. Perhaps its because Charlie has been through some incredible transitions in the past 18 months. Or maybe its because I have been through some huge transitions as well. Either way, its been pretty quiet around here.

Charlie is 8 years old now. In December of 2017, our family moved from Dallas, TX to Halfway, OR. Its a very rural place and many of our friends and family members wondered if we'd have the right kinds of services out here to support Charlie's needs. Would there be therapists? Orthopedic specialists? Neurologists? Would he have support at school? Aides? An adequate special needs program?

Well, there was no need to worry, friends. I did my research and I knew we'd be well cared for. And our new community, our new school, and our new support team has exceeded our expectations in every way. Are there hiccups? Sure. That's true anywhere. But across the board, Charlie has everything he could possibly need.

The best news of all is that Charlie is walking most everywhere he goes now. We haven't had his wheelchair at home for months. Its stays at the school in case he needs it for long distant walks. We even took a trip to California for a week and didn't bring the chair.

Now that we've settled in and Charlie has a new routine here in Eastern Oregon, I'd like to start writing more about the day-to-day stuff. In the previous 8 years of this blog, it seems I was always writing when there was trouble or struggle. And while it was so valuable to have this line of communication with our community during those hard times, I'd like to pay it back with some of the joyful and more positive parts of life with Charlie. Because there are so many!

You'll be hearing from me again soon, but until then, thank you.

Just... Thank you.