June 1, 2014

Charlie's Upsee

Charlie received his Upsee harness last week! Sarah, Jack and Charlie have spent the past days getting to know their new equipment and learning how to move together.

Like most new adaptive equipment, Charlie was apprehensive at first. His initial try was uncomfortable and ended in tears with lots of bucking and kicking and hanging in the harness. The second try was more successful resulting in a two minute walk around the house. By the third try, Charlie was ready to head outside.

This morning was Charlie's fifth day in the Upsee. He and his dad, Jack, took a spin around the neighborhood and through a nearby parking lot. Charlie is becoming more confident and eager the more he uses the Upsee. After his first few attempts, it was clear that Charlie didn't need the shoes that came with the package. Charlie is already able to move his feet and bear weight without assistance. Charlie's issue is one of balance and stamina, which the Upsee addresses beautifully.

And as for Charlie's walking partners, Jack and Sarah are able to stand up strait and bear their own weight while still assisting Charlie. No more back aches and pulled muscles from bending over to hold all of Charlie's weight.

Here are some photos from this morning's walk:

Learn more about the Upsee HERE.