Your money at work

Where does your money go?  It goes into a savings account specially designated for Charlie's medical bills and health needs.  Luckily, the Greenman Family has health insurance. However, they are responsible for paying a high deductible, out of network specialists, co-pays and alternative therapies not covered by their insurance.  The Help Charlie Heal fund aims to assist the Greenmans in covering their portion of the following costs:

Charlie's wheel chair
physical therapy and adaptive equipment
communication tools
Charlie's ambulance to the hospital
Charlie's stay in the NICU
multiple cranio MRIs
Cranio-facial surgery
Charlie's stay in the ICU post surgery
multiple renal ultrasounds
multiple echo cardiogram
spinal ultrasound
spinal MRI
physical therapy
chiropractic care
cranio sacral bodywork

And follow-up appointments with:
geneticist (out of network)
cranio facial surgeon (out of network)
neuro surgeon (out of network)

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