September 21, 2010

Home from the NICU


Impressed by his ability to eat, sleep, void and thrive, doctors have discharged Charlie from the NICU and against all odds, he is home - this very minute - sleeping soundly in his bassinet. Thank you to everyone who has held us close this week in prayer and thank you for all the time, energy and fairy dust you've given us. We feel it. Charlie feels it. And we are so grateful. Thank you.
In the coming weeks, Charlie will be meeting with his new entourage, which includes his pediatrician, neurologist, hematologist, craniofacial surgeon, cardiologist, urologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and geneticist. All of these talented people will be organizing a course of treatment, therapy and recovery for Charlie in the months and years to come. Now that he is home the work can begin. Charlie has already shown that he is a fighter and we expect this miraculous momentum to grow and heal and lift him into the full and rich life that awaits him. Thank you again for all your amazing support.
All our love - The Greenmans

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