January 31, 2011

Healing Heart: Cardiology Update

Charlie had an appointment with his Cardiologist on January 11th.  The Doctor did a repeat Echocardiogram to assess the state of his heart murmur and his enlarged PFO.  And the news is good.  Real good.  Both of these issues have diminished so much so that his doctor has categorized Charlie's heart (the organ, that is) as "normal".  These issues have almost righted themselves and his cardiologist is confident that Charlie will simply grow out of them completely.  The doctor has written a letter to Charlie's other specialists explaining that he has a clean bill of health where his heart is concerned and that Charlie has the "all clear" for craniofacial surgery this summer.  The doctor also said that he sees no need to examine Charlie again. So, Charlie is taking his cardiologist off of the payroll!  Thank you all for your continued support and well wishing.  Charlie is rewarding us all with his amazing recovery!


  1. What a great news! you moved me to tears. And the photo. he's such a cutie, that as they say in Spanish "I'd eat him up in kisses", a beautiful boy and so loved, he is lucky he came into your family.

  2. Never give up Charlie... I wish God keeps your heart