February 13, 2011

For Charlie

Dear friends, family, and fans of Charlie Greenman,

It seems only yesterday that we rang in 2011, and here it is almost Valentine's Day. My daughter, Mackey, will be TWO years old in April. I can still remember taking her to Walker's second birthday...well over a year ago. She mostly watched, from the safety of Mommy's arms, as she was then just over six months old. Now, when I tell Mackey that we're going to see her ol' "play-care" friend, she lights up and says, "Jack and Sarah and Walker and Baby Charlie are FAM-i-leeee!" Indeed they are, sweetie.

I can hardly believe that six months have flown by and Charlie, the amazing wonderboy, is now halfway to that milestone of a first birthday. He has overcome multiple hurdles, wowing the medical professionals and his family, and winning hearts along the way. Now he is approaching another milestone set for this summer—craniofacial surgery to separate and repair his fused skull plates.  This surgery will ensure that his brain can grow and develop into the powerhouse it shows every potential to be.

As luck would have it, Charlie will be receiving this surgery from one of the country's premier craniofacial surgeons who happens to practice in Dallas. This doctor is a plastic surgeon who works in tandem with a neurosurgeon, and he sees patients from around the country who seek him out for the exact surgery that Charlie will undergo.  Charlie's doctor will fix the skull plates and reduce the likelihood of subsequent surgeries. Charlie will get a one-stop-shop from the best—talk about upside!

The downside is that sometimes the best doctors are not classified in the best way by insurance companies.  I recently had a conversation with Sarah and she revealed to me that Charlie's surgeon happens to be out-of-network for their insurance plan. That means that 40% of the cost of the surgery is an out-of-pocket expense for the Greenman Family. And so I’m reaching out to re-engage Charlie's community around the mission of Help Charlie Heal.

In honor of Valentine's Day, as well as Charlie’s upcoming blessing in Cayucos, CA (click HERE to see your invitation), please consider making a donation to the Help Charlie Heal Fund in lieu of a blessing gift. There is no bigger blessing than continuing to see Charlie grow and develop into an amazing boy.  Click HERE to make a donation.

Anne Engelking Smith

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