June 4, 2011

10 Month Check In

Charlie is 10 months old today.  The past month for Charlie has seen more physical advancement than any other month of his life.  He is consistently holding his head up.  He is rolling to both sides.  He is standing unassisted at the edge of our couch.  He is reaching for objects.  He is pulling his knees up under his body into a semi-crawling position.  He is pushing up with his arms while lying on his tummy.  He is laughing easily.  He is making some consonant sounds.

Its such a pleasure to see Charlie grow and thrive month by month.  Congrats to Charlie on yet another milestone!  And thank you to all of you who support, love and encourage Charlie on this journey. And a special thank you to Tendai Phiri for nominating the Charlie and his family at Cooking Up Faith.  Cooking Up Faith is an online ministry that supports families, like the Greenmans, by sending a meal in the mail.  Charlie will be featured at Cooking Up Faith for the entire month of June.  Read more about it HERE.  And finally, in honor of Charlie's 10 month-iversary, you'll notice we've updated the look of his website.


  1. Bahaha what an awesome kid. I love the hair.
    Congrats on all the advancements!! Sounds like he's making some serious progress!
    - agata.

  2. Truly amazing, Sarah. There is a hovering of angel wings around all of you, I know because I sent them to you. Wonderful progress, Charlie !!