August 3, 2011

Post Surgery Smiles

Hello again dear friends and Charlie fans,

Charlie had a great first day home from the hospital.  Yes, he was very unhappy this afternoon when his swelling and bruising peaked between noon and 4pm.  However, tonight he's looking and feeling much better.  He is smiling when he hears familiar voices and trying very hard to interact even without the use of his sight.  We're thrilled that he wants to move, roll, kick and exercise his limbs.  Dr. Fearon explained that physical activity is a very healthy sign and that he cannot damage his new skull shape by moving around.  In fact, Dr. Fearon said that moving will actually help Charlie's head heal faster and encourage the bruising to dissipate sooner.  So tonight, we're all smiles at the Greenman house. 

And here is a video of Charlie kicking and smiling and enjoying being IV free.

All our love,
Jack and Sarah Greenman


  1. wow!! I'm happy to see him eager to get back to business. ;) What a sweet boy! Love to you all.

  2. This post made my day. Love y'all!

  3. Y'all better be careful....once he opens his eyes he looks ready to run across the room! He looks like he is doing terrific! LOVE!

  4. This is so great! My goodness he's doing so well. Yayyyyyy!

  5. it's marvelous to see him move his little feet responding to his Mummy's voice. He's a true miracle. I wish you all the best and a swift recovery for this beaitufil baby boy. He's beyond adorable. Love him!