September 12, 2011

Physical Therapy Report

Charlie began physical therapy sessions with ECI when he was just 6 weeks old to combat the effects of his stroke.  This summer Charlie took a short break from his PT appointments to travel with his family, then returned home for surgery on the 1st of August.  Charlie has since resumed his physical therapy appointments.  Next week, Charlie will have been with ECI for a full year!  He will have a full physical assessment with therapists who will help the Greenman Family further tailor Charlie's therapies.  Charlie will also increase his appointments from once a week to twice a week starting in October.

Charlie is showing all sorts of new progress.  He clearly says "Dadadadada" when Jack is in the room and has just begun saying "Mamamama".  Last week he began waving with his left hand.  He plays physical as well as verbal games that involve repeating what he sees and hears.  He is also clearly reaching for toys with both his left and right hands.  All in all, his progress is very exciting and bodes well for future feats.  The goal, of course, is to help him sit up unassisted, learn to crawl and to one day walk unassisted.  He is well on his way!

A recent photo of Charlie and his dad, Jack.


  1. Here's waving at you, both hands, Charlie (and Mom and Dad and Walker)!!

  2. So glad to hear this wonderful news! Charlie-- you are one amazing young man! Here's waving at you with both hands too! :)
    -- Deanna Constable