November 10, 2011

Continued Physical Therapy with ECI

Charlie has two one-hour sessions of physical therapy a week with Lori, a wonderful therapist with the Early Childhood Intervention program here in Texas.  Here are some photos so that you can see a little bit of what Charlie is currently doing.

Lori brought Charlie a chair to help him sit with better alignment.

Lori uses a mirror to help with neck and head alignment.
Charlie loves looking at himself in the mirror.

Charlie gives himself a kiss...

...but it doesn't taste very good.

Lori is working with Charlie on lots of things at once and her approach is very holistic.  Recently, she's helped him make great strides with holding small objects, self feeding, sitting up, posture and arm strength.  Thank you, Lori, for helping Charlie heal!


  1. wow, look how he's progressed! Fantastic!

  2. So glad to see he's doing so well! He looks like he's grown about a foot since I last saw him too!

  3. Hooray for Charlie!!!! and Lori!