January 22, 2012

Expanding Therapy

Charlie has been in physical therapy since he was seven weeks old.  He loves his therapist, Lori from The Warren Center, and will continue working with her until he grows too old for ECI services.  Charlie has had such wonderful progress with Lori that he is now in need of extended therapies.  Out patient occupational therapy is pricey and has, until now, been unattainable for the Greenman Family.  However, with the help of Kenna's Kids, Charlie's therapy schedule is about to change.

Charlie had a physical assessment this weekend at Our Children's House through Baylor Hospital.  He met an occupational therapist who played with Charlie for two hours.  At the end of the session, she recommended weekly occupational therapy appointments.  Next week, Charlie will have a similar assessment for aqua therapy.  We are so very grateful to Kenna's Kids of this incredible opportunity.  Both the Warren Center and Our Children's House will be providing different types of therapy, all of which will help Charlie overcome the effects of his stroke.  As a show of our gratitude, we made this video of Charlie's first OT appointment made possible by Kenna's Kids.  Charlie is a happy camper!


  1. Great video! The end notes (which I had to pause and read carefully) leave me giggling! So wonderful to have this addition to Charlie's mission from Kennas Kids!

  2. The video gave me goosebumps. I love that you received this help.