January 12, 2012

Play Time with Charlie

We wanted to share some recent photos of Charlie at play.  He continues to meet with his therapist twice a week, working on core strength, posture, hand-eye coordination and even some fine motor skills.  Charlie thoroughly enjoys his sessions and continues to widen the scope of his play-time activities. 

Here he is with Lori, his therapist from the ECI program via the Warren Center.

Charlie has a big week ahead of him.  He has an MRI on Friday morning, January 20th followed by a physical evaluation at Baylor on the 21st.  Its been over a year since his last MRI, and Charlie's doctors are eager to take another look inside his brain.  They'll be looking at his original brain hemorrhage and also for signs of seizure activity.  Thank you for keeping Charlie in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Fantastic progress. Good thoughts all around for the next MRI and physical.