May 18, 2013

Charlie's Spring Update

Hello Charlie Fans!  Charlie has just finished up his spring therapies and is now spending May and June in Utah with his family. Every year the Greenmans travel to Cedar City where Jack (Charlie's Dad) works at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. While away, Charlie will spend time in the local pool doing some aqua therapy, but all other appointments and meetings fade away for a time. Charlie gets to sit back and be a kid for a while!

The big news is that Charlie is in the process of enrolling for preschool!  It's hard to believe it, but he'll be three years old in August!  In April, Charlie had his first evaluation for Texas' Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). This meeting was followed by an Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) where therapists, teachers and parents annually meet to create an education plan for the student.  Charlie will start preschool in the fall where he will follow normal preschool curriculum and also receive speech therapy and some physical therapy.  He will also continue his occupational therapies at Our Children's House Baylor outside of school.

Charlie had a neurology appointment in April. His doctor assessed that Charlie has probably been having sub-clinical seizures (undetectable by just looking at him) which are slightly dampening his cognitive function. We will be increasing the dose of his medication to combat these sub-clinical seizures and of course, the doctor will be closely monitoring Charlie as we find the right balance.

Generally, Charlie is doing very well. He is saying "Mama" with frequency and accuracy. He is also learning new signs and responding appropriately to yes / no questions.  It is clear that he understands far more than he can speak. His wheel chair continues to be a God-send and helps him stay connected and mobile. He's very social, always making eye contact and engaging with vocal sounds, laughter and hugs.

Thank you for ALL your amazing support!
Sarah Greenman

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  1. This group of Charlie and family photos says it all!