April 20, 2011

Physical Therapy Update

Charlie has now been off of the Phenobarbital for two months, which means that full brain activity has been restored and his physical therapies have been, therefore, more successful!  We are so excited to report that as of April 15th, Charlie is rolling over from his back to his stomach.  This is an enormous step forward for Charlie and brings him closer to sitting and eventually crawling.  His left arm is still weak and uncoordinated, but we continue to see him navigate this frustrating obstacle with determination. 

Also, Charlie has been wearing his hand splint, which has been helpful in loosening the musculature of his left hand.  Charlie wears the splint periodically throughout his day and this trains the hand to remain open.  It seems to be working because he has more ease and fluidity with his left hand than ever before.  Keep up the good work Charlie!