April 4, 2011

Eight Month Check-In

Charlie is eight months old today!  The most recent news is that Charlie has been off of the Phenobarbital for over four weeks with out a seizure incident.  Yay Charlie!  The Phenobarbital, a barbiturate, has made its way out of his system allowing Charlie's personality to reveal itself in even more ways.  He is smiling more, laughing more, engaging more, exploring vocal sound more and is generally very happy to be drug free.  In the same way that his personality is blooming, his drug free brain is also revealing more of what he cannot do.  Charlie's family is able to see new and more exagerated physical habits related to Charlie's stroke.  The good thing about Charlie developing in this way is that his physical therapy sessions can be more targeted and in the end, more successful in helping him create new neuro-pathways for movement and communication.  In general, Charlie is doing very well!  Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Greenman Family through Help Charlie Heal (and in other ways).  You are playing a strong and direct role in his ability to get the care he needs during this crucial time of growth and brain development.  Thank you!

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  1. What a handsome photograph of Charlie. We are wishing him well on the surgery!