May 13, 2011

Hematology Update

Charlie had a round of blood tests last week in preparation for his craniofacial surgery.  One of them, the PTT showed that Charlie has a "long bleed time", which may indicate that he has a blood disorder like hemophilia or a clotting problem.  Charlie will see his hematologist on August 5th prior to surgery to determine the cause of his long bleed time.  If the second round of blood tests reveal a clotting issue, then Charlie's surgeon, Dr. Fearon, will have to compensate for extra blood loss with artifical clotting agents during surgery. As with everything concerning Charlie, this is only a possibility - not a probability.  We won't know until early August.  Until then, cross your fingers and send good thick blood mojo to baby Charlie as he gets ready for surgery on August 9th.

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