July 4, 2011

11 Month Check In

Happy fourth everyone.  Today Charlie Greenman is 11 months old.  Milestones this month include his first tooth, improved physical core strength, better coordination in his arms and hands, and more frequent and particular use of consonant sounds.  He is sitting up for longer stretches (30-40 seconds) and demonstrating better balance while seated.  Great job Charlie!

Thank you to everyone who has made appointments to donate blood to Charlie for use during his upcoming surgery.  There has been an enormous response and Charlie is now all set for surgery.

Also, yesterday marked the conclusion of the Help Charlie Heal auction.  Thank you to the auction organizers, Chrystyna Johnson and Wendy Russell for hosting the event, coordinating the donations and raising over 4,000 dollars for Help Charlie Heal.  Thank you to everyone who donated their talents, skills and hand made goods as well as the many many people who placed bids.  It is thrilling to see our community rally around sweet Charlie Greenman!  Thank you all!

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