July 6, 2011

KOKOON partners with Help Charlie Heal

Laine Sou Weinberg, the creator and designer of KOKOON, the private boutique clothing line, is very interested in helping to heal Charlie Greenman.  Laine Sou is hosting her first ever online sale in the form of a pop-up SHOP from July 6th - July 31st, where you can find an enormous collection of women's styles for amazingly low prices.  Here is the best part... Laine is going to donate 20% of the sales from your purchases to Help Charlie Heal. We are so thrilled that KOKOON proposed this partnership.  Thank you Laine Sou, we so appreciate your support! 

To ensure that Help Charlie Heal receives 20% of the purchase price, please use the links provided in this post.  Thank you so much for shopping at KOKOON and donating to Help Charlie Heal.  Happy shopping!

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