July 29, 2011

Pre-Op Appointments

Over the past two days, Charlie met with his team of doctors and therapists for a series of pre-op appointments.  Everyone wants a good look at Charlie before he undergoes craniofacial surgery on Monday.  Charlie met with hematologists on Thursday to draw yet another round of blood labs, followed by a pre-op physical with his pediatrician, Dr. Hamner.  That evening, his physical therapist met him at his home for a one hour session and a one year assessment.  Everyone is thrilled with his physical development and progress over the summer!

This morning, Charlie and his parents were up early for their first and only meeting with neurosurgeon, Dr. Sacco.  This was followed by an appointment with staff anthropologists who took a series of photos of Charlie's head for the surgeon's use and those all important "before and after" comparisons.  Their final appointment was registration and pre-op with Dr. Fearon's team of nurses, which included another blood draw.  Finally, Jack and Sarah had a conversation with Dr. Fearon about what to expect on surgery day.  While Charlie's days were full and at times stressful, his appointments were fast and efficient and instilled Jack and Sarah with even more confidence in Charlie's medical team.  Charlie has the weekend off to rest before reporting to Medical City on Monday morning.  Stay tuned here for updates, as Sarah will be sending photos and information about Charlie's operation and recovery.

Charlie with Sarah today at the end of their pre-op appointments. 


  1. Sarah, you and your husband are amazingly wonderful parents, and I will be sending all of my angels to Charlie for his surgery. God bless, darling.

  2. Prayers. Peace. Strength. Love. We are so with you!
    Chris, Anne, Amaya, Ishai and Isis :)

  3. Dr. Sacco did a wonderful job with our Virginia. Thinking of y'all tonight.

  4. Sarah, all our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and your family. Best of luck with the surgery and we'll be awaiting the updates.