August 1, 2011

Charlie's Big Day

Hello friends, family, healers and Charlie fans,

This is Sarah and Jack reporting from the waiting room at Medical City in Dallas, Texas.  Charlie had a good night's sleep and a non-eventful morning before heading to the hospital for check-in.  Today, Charlie is having a "cranio vault remodel" to separate his fused skull bones.  It's 2:45pm and Charlie is currently in the OR with Dr. Fearon (craniofacial surgeon) and Dr. Sacco (neurosurgeon).  The last hour and a half was mostly prep work and now they're at the beginning of the procedure itself.  They estimate that Charlie will be done around 6pm this evening.  Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers for Charlie.  Even in his hospital gown, he had the golden glow of healing light energy.  Its all around him. I've included some photos below from our morning.  We will post another update here when surgery is over and Charlie is safe in our arms.  Look for it tonight!

As soon as we arrived, Charlie decided to take a nap.  Smart kid.

One last look at his beautiful crooked head.

Charlie fell in love with nurse Tracey, who gave Charlie a cute new outfit.

Sarah and Charlie walking up to the operating room.

Jack and Charlie had one last big cuddle bug moment before
Charlie was taken into the OR with his nurses and anesthesiologist.

All our love, 
Jack and Sarah


  1. Love the last photo! Prayers for you all!

  2. Thinking about you guys and praying all day long!

  3. Can't get you guys out of my head! Lots of positive thoughts headed your way.

  4. Wow - just sending lots of love to you all. Nice that they found a tiger outfit for the Leo/Tiger! GRRRRRRRRRRReat big hugs from Seattle. xoxoxox

  5. Keeping you close in prayer.

  6. Sending you all of my best to you all. xoxo

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  8. Lots of love and prayers coming your way. Thinking of your Charlie.

  9. You all have been on our hearts and in our prayers even more than usual today -can't wait to see that Charlie bear is back in your arms!