September 23, 2012

What Does Charlie Do In His Therapy Sessions?

This was Charlie's first week in his new orthotic leg braces. He's doing pretty well with them, tolerating about 4-5 hours a day. They're really warm though and we think they make him a little uncomfortable. We're going to slowly work our way towards wearing them for 6-8 hours daily.

We've had a few emails lately inquiring about Charlie's therapy schedule. Most of you want to know what Charlie does in his therapy sessions. I thought this might be a great time to share with you Charlie's most resent appointment with his occupational therapist at Our Children's House.   Cyndi, his therapist, is always working on fine motor skills, but she is also doing a lot of core strengthening. Charlie's new found ability to sit up is largely due to exercises like the ones below. 

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside of Charlie's world. He has 7 separate therapy appointments a week and is the busiest two year old we've ever met. But the hard work is worth it when we see such amazing results at home. Charlie is actively mimicking sounds now and we couldn't be happier!

As always, thank you!
Sarah Greenman


  1. Love this! What a great exercise!Charlie is doing so great!

  2. He is so beautiful! And look how strong he is getting and happy about it too. Love and Blessings Greenman Family,
    The Marx's